Payday Treats

Morning all!

Today is the day I spend all month waiting for – Payday!

Who doesn’t like a little treat on Payday and because of my new job I have a few extra pennies to treat myself this month so I figured I’d ask everyone for suggestions:-

What books should I be adding to my shelves?

Where’s the best places to look of other book-related treats? Let me know your favourite websites / Etsy shops!

If I was to get a one off book box which would you recommend? Illumicrate, FairyLoot, Book Box Club, or something else?

I also want to get a little more creative and involved with Bookstagram, if you’ve got any suggestions on good places to pick up props please let me know!

Let me know in the comments!


1 Comment

  1. […] asked for recommendations on books to buy and the best places to find other bookish goodies for pay-day treats, and shared some pictures of my payday treat book […]


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