Book Review Policy

Book Review Policy


Thank you for stopping by to check out my review policy.

I’m a UK based book blogger and I will happily accept both e-books and physical copies for review from publishers and authors. Please take the time to review the genres I do and don’t review, and the structure my reviews take. If the book fits into the genres I review and you like the sound of my reviews please contact me via the email at the bottom of the page.

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Preferred Genres

Crime Fiction

I’m certainly a fan of a good police procedural, from classic stalwarts of the genre such as Val McDermid and Ian Rankin, to newer additions such as Carol Wyer and Rachel Lynch, and stories with a bit of a twist like James Oswald and Ben Aaronovitch

Mysteries and Thrillers

I also really enjoy a range of other mysteries and thrillers, especially psychological thrillers, I also enjoy the odd cosy mystery if the plot appeals to me.

Young Adult

I also really enjoy a wide variety of books targeted at young adults, including contemporary, science fiction and thrillers.


I do enjoy contemporary fiction but I do find it a little hit and miss, it all depends on the plot of any particular story, but I’m happy to look at any submissions and get back to you!


This category does depend very heavily on the topic, if it’s a person I’m interested in or relating to a topic that fascinates me I’d be happy to read. For a little more guidance, I am interested in entertainment and sport and would be happy to consider autobiographies from people involved in these areas. I’m also fascinated by medicine and science and will happily consider books similar to Fragile Lives.

Genres I won’t review:





Although I will review some non-fiction on the blog I am quite fussy about what I do and don’t enjoy.

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My Reviews

Most of my reviews follow a consistent pattern with the same information. When given enough notice I will always aim to read the novel before its release date and post my review before or around this date, of course, please be aware that real life can sometimes get in the way.

Usually each of my reviews will contain:

  • Book details (Name, Publisher, Release Date)
  • Book Cover image
  • Links to the Goodreads page for both the novel and author.
  • A star rating out of five
  • My thoughts on the novel
  • A final summary – would I recommend it
  • Links to booksellers – Amazon UK & US, Waterstones and the Book Depository – As applicable
  • Information about the author and links to their website & social media – Where available
  • Some reviews will contain ‘Memorable Quotes’

Each review will be an honest reflection of my thoughts and feelings of the book. I will always try to be positive and being as I usually review books from genres I love, my reviews usually tend to range between 3-5*’s. Reviews will be posted on this blog, and shared via Twitter and Facebook. I will also cross post reviews to Goodreads and Amazon / Waterstones but this may follow later.

If you are interested in me writing a review, please email me:

Please note while I will try and respond to all emails my blog sometimes has to take a back seat to my job and real life, if your review request doesn’t meet the criteria above I may not reply.